Our transportation program provides supervised before/ after school delivery and pickups. Our school vehicles are defined as MFSAB. This means the buses that we purchase from the manufacture are required to follow very strict federal regulation.
Our buses include driver control panels that allow greater visibility as children load/ unload with enhanced driver site lines. Our buses are equipped with heavy duty, all-steel safety cage construction and school bus chassis, meaning enhanced passenger safety.

Also, each bus is equipped with “Child Alert”, this unique alarm system acts as an electronic reminder to drivers. This reminder helps ensure that all children have safely disembarked the vehicle upon the completion of each run.
As you can clearly see, Little Tyke is committed to providing the safest transportation possible. Just another reason why we believe Little Tyke is right for you and your family.

We buy our busses from Alliance Bus Group located in Lewisville Texas.

Our products and manufacturers have become sales leaders by first leading the way in innovation and quality for almost 100 years. They pioneered the flat-floor design and raised standards of safety by producing their own seats and seat belts designed to not only pass, but exceed, the most rigorous certification tests and standards. To meet today’s demands for quality and quantity, while maintaining the safest build qualities; our manufacturers are developing better ways to build buses of extraordinary value. With the most extensive line of Type-A buses in the industry, we are committed to providing you the safest and most reliable solutions to all your transportation needs!

The Tyker Express Bus

Tykercise® Kids Fitness Program

New Mobile Technology Helps North Texas Preschoolers Get Ready for School

Creative Child Care, Inc., dba Little Tyke, is making advanced education technology from Hatch® Early Learning available to 1,300 children in Northern Texas Pre-Kindergarten classrooms as part of their new TykerSmart™ curriculum. iStartSmart® Mobile Tablets by Hatch teach 18 kindergarten readiness skills critical for early school success. These skills align with the early learning concepts and goals central in the outcomes-based TykerSmart™ learning experience.

iStartSmart Mobile Tablet – Tablet Technology that Teaches!

StartSmart Mobile by Hatch uses the latest mobile technology to deliver award-winning software that is research-based and ties to national standards.