Love it! Jameson has attended since he was 6 weeks old. Not only does he look forward to attending every day I know that he is loved by the staff. As a first time mom I could not ask for a better center for my child to be part of. Now that I am expecting my second child there is no doubt as to where they will stay for childcare.


Our teachers are dedicated to the success of every single child and it shows in their faces and the feedback we get from parents. Here are a few words of encouragement we’ve received.

Ms.Lisa rocks my kids and I so love her. The other teachers are also very friendly and cool. My 3 year old definitely is learning great things with her teacher Ms.Ren


This Daycare is excellent!!! ALL the teachers are great and involved with all the children!!!…I have 2 children that attend daily and 3 that attended years ago. My kids have learned so much from alphabets, sign language,games,educational song…They assist and master potty training!!! I could not ask for a better provider for my children and the feeling of no worries when I go off to work every day ,,,no words of appreciation could explain the gratitude I have for this center I call a second family for my children!! Thank U …


Both of our children attended the Little Tyke in Richland Hills with Kristy and the rest of the team. I just personally wanted to say how much we have appreciated and valued the love and direction that team provided during the 7 years they had our children. We are so excited to have a Kindergartener now, but we will also miss knowing that our children were cared for and protected by a wonderful team. The team has left a lasting imprint on our children that will be there for their lifetime. Thank you so much.

Todd and Adelita Baker