Ignite wonder with Tykersmart Curriculum for Pre-K! Our students are nurtured by cherished traditions and challenged by advanced innovation. Our hand crafted, comprehensive curriculum, Tykersmart™ is systematically aligned with the curriculum standards that are set forth by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Tykersmart™ is constructed around these common core components: language and early literacy, math, science, health and safety, social studies, approaches to learning, creative expression/ fine arts, personal and social development, and physical development.

  • Develops essential readiness skills through play and investigation.
  • Connects families with tools to transform everyday routines into learning opportunities.
  • Promotes best practices, provides a detailed concept web, and simplifies lesson planning.

Our Trademarked, Comprehensive Curriculum “TykerSmart” surpasses the curriculum standards that are set forth by the Texas Education Agency (T.E.A.).


Language Development

  • Initiates and responds in conversations and discussions
  • Spoken sentences increase in length and grammatical complexity

Emergent Literacy

  • Connects own life with related events in books
  • Progresses from using letter-like symbols to writing familiar words


  • Duplicates and extends simple patterns
  • Combines, separates, and names “how many” objects


  • Discusses common properties, differences, and comparisons of objects
  • Makes predictions and explanations based on past experiences

Creative Expression / Fine Arts

  • Creates more detailed drawings, paintings, and other artwork
  • Moves in time to different music rhythms

Social Emotional Development

  • Gains knowledge of people in the community
  • Takes turns in games and using materials

Social Studies

  • Demonstrates awareness and appreciation of their own culture and other cultures
  • Knowledge of the relationship between people, places, and regions
  • Gains interest and awareness about a wide variety of careers and work environments

Approaches to Learning

  • Eagerness to engage in play as a means of exploration and learning
  • Increases ability to approach tasks, activities and problems with creativity, imagination and/or willingness to   try new experiences or activities
  • Demonstrates persistence, promotes curiosity, interest, and willingness in learning new things and having new experiences

Physical Development

  • Learning to use their senses to assist and guide learning(Sensory)
  • Demonstrate coordination and control of large muscles(Gross Motor)
  • Grows in dexterity in using pencils, markers, and paintbrushes(Fine Motor)

Personal Health and Safety

  • Engages in a variety of physical fitness activities(Physical Fitness)
  • Demonstrates personal care and hygiene(Physical Health and Well Being)
  • Demonstrates awareness and understanding of healthy habits(Physical Health and Well Being)
  • Demonstrates awareness of safety rules(Safety)