Little Tyke Included In Top 50 Largest for Profit Childcare Companies

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A Message From Our President and Vice President
Today, we are very excited to announce that Little Tyke has once again made it into the Exchange Top 50. If you’re not familiar with the Exchange, it is a listing of the 50 largest for-profit child care organizations in North America, similar to the Fortune 500 of child care services. Little Tyke has remained on the list for several years and we are very proud of this accomplishment.

Dedicated To Children
Even as the child care services has undergone a ‘no growth’ period, due to the economic slowdown, we have remained steadfast in our goal to provide quality early education to children.

We believe our success comes from the belief that every child is unique and has the right to the best childcare possible in a nurturing, educational, and fun environment. We understand that the right environment enables children to gain skills that help them succeed in school.

As more and more parents recognize the value of high-quality child care services, they are also realizing that there are lots of options available. Finding the best child care program can be a daunting task. This is where Little Tykes shines.

With 12 child care locations across the Forth Worth area and a curriculum that offers early learning, after school, and food & nutrition program, parents can’t go wrong.

We also offer a summer camp, spring break, and winter break camps that nurture the imagination and creativity of all age groups. When children engage in activities like sports, arts & crafts, field trips and games, it makes them grow positively in all aspects of life.

Little Tyke and its Promise for a Brighter Future
Little Tyke is grateful for the support that the community continues to give us. We work hard every day to create a positive outcome for everyone. Thank you to the parents and staff for helping to create a brighter future for our younger generation.

Alex Little, President
Keith Davis, Vice-President
Little Tyke Creative Child Care

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