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Mr. Gene Little Director Of The Year Award Recipient. Congratulations to Mrs. Christy Dougan from Little Tyke Richland Hills Campus.

FORT WORTH October 21, 2015 — Ms. Christy has the biggest heart. I would describe her style as a Director who is always at her center, approachable, appreciative, and honorable, one who listens to the needs of her staff and the families we serve and does what is ever necessary to fulfill those needs from a customer service standpoint. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond to satisfy the children’s needs and expectations with making sure her staff are offering a learning/nurturing environment.

Little Tyke Receives 2014 Best of Fort Worth Award

FORT WORTH August 21, 2014 — Little Tyke has been selected for the 2014 Best of Fort Worth Award in the Child Day Care Services category by the Fort Worth Award Program. Each year, the Fort Worth Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Fort Worth area a great place to live, work and play.

‘Little Tyke’ Teachers Recognized for 20 Years of Dedicated Service

‘Little Tyke’ Creative Child Care is proud to recognize two of our outstanding teachers celebrating 20 years of dedicated service as members of the ‘Little Tyke’ family. Both teachers were highlighted at the corporate workshop on May 17, 2014, where they were acknowledged for their achievements and presented with awards for their service. Christy Roberts is a teacher currently assisting in multiple classrooms at the Crowley campus. Ms. Christy started at the ‘Little Tyke’ Burleson facility (no longer open) before transferring to the Hallmark Campus. She has been a Crowley campus team member since 2012. She completed her CDA (Child Development Associates Credential) in 2010. Although she does not have any children of her own, Ms. Christy loves spending time with her niece and nephew. Denise Hilton has acquired all of her child care experience at the ‘Little Tyke’ Cleburne campus. She has worked in classrooms with all age groups from infants to school-agers. She began working with the three-year-olds before moving to the pre-k four-year-olds.

Child Care Teacher Retires After 41 Years Of Service To The Families Of Richland Hills.

By Little Tyke, On September 6th, 2013

A long career in child care and pre-school officially ends this week. Tommye Young, teacher, cook and bus driver of Little Tyke Creative Child Care, Inc., will retire after 41 years with the center in Richland Hills.
When she was hired as a teacher, ‘Little Tyke Hotel’, as it was known then, had one center and 75 children. Now it has 12 centers in Tarrant, Johnson and Parker Counties, and hosts more than 1,300 children every day – from infant up to age twelve.
Miss. Tommye has always demonstrated the stellar work ethic you want in the child care industry. She missed very little work during her 41 year tenure here at Little Tyke. “You could always count on Miss Tommye being there for her children and she always supported the center director”, says Alex Little President of ‘Little Tyke Creative Child Care, Inc’.|
“Miss Tommye changed my diapers as a toddler when I attended the Richland Hills campus 40 years ago”, said Little. She has been an important asset to our company and a prime example for our Teachers. We want to say “Great Job Miss Tommye”. You will be dearly missed, you are absolutely a true blessing. We hope to carry on your excellence for years to come.


Tykercise® is contributing to the lowering of obesity rates among children.

A new study shows that although obesity prevalence remains high, obesity rates have dropped in children between the ages of 2-5 years old. The study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association by researchers of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, shows that obesity prevalence for 2- to 5-year-olds went from 14 percent in 2003-04 to just over 8 percent in 2011-12 — a decline of nearly 43 percent.

Texas Licensed Child Care Association Awards Mr. Gene Little For Dedication and Service to Texas Children

The Texas Licensed Child Care Association recognized Mr. Gene Little on November 16, 2013 at the Park Cities Holiday Inn in Dallas Texas. He was awarded for his years of dedication and service to children and the child care industry, for his wisdom and guidance to the association. He and his wife Jean have played a meaningful part in children’s lives since 1968. Mr. Little first got involved with TLCCA in 1972 and is considered as one of the founding fathers of the organization. He was also actively involved and the president of the National Child Care Association for many years as well.

Kids exercising at Little Tyke Creative Child Care Center. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

From ktvtdeborah

North Richland Hills (CBSDFW.COM) – Getting kids to exercise and eat right is a constant challenge. But one North Texas childcare center has teamed up with a fitness program for kids, to target pre-schoolers with a message they hope, becomes a lifestyle.

What does it mean to eat healthy? Eat broccoli!

At the Little Tyke Creative Child Care Center in North Richland Hills, there is a firm focus on health and fitness. And it comes at an age when it can be hard to get boys and girls to focus.

“Hey guys, how are you doing today? You guys ready to have some fun?” asked one caregiver.

The center finds success through their Tykercise Program, which is exercise for the little ‘tykes’.

Workers called in an instructor from Kaboom Fitness for Kids to help out. “We’re going to be teaching the kids about exercise, proper nutrition, getting the right amount of rest, and basically, having healthy bodies…and we’re going to have fun doing it!” explained Chris Baer.

Baer uses fun and games as a sneaky diversion to healthy eating, and exercise. “Hey guys, should we eat a lot of junk food?” he asked the children. “No!” they replied in unison. “Should we eat a lot of healthy food?” “Yeah!” they screamed.

During each visit, Kaboom Kids sets up various fitness courses; they range from the balance pods, to a long and winding balance beam. There’s even a relay race.

It’s all fun and games, but with a serious message.

“Statistics are telling us that one out of four kids is overweight, and actually 12-percent are obese,” explained weight watcher Tonya Moore.

The problem of childhood obesity is one reason the Kaboom Kids founder feels the earlier we can send a message of good health to kids, the better. “We need to start the change early, in the pre-school years, and catch ‘em early. And teach them how to exercise, and how to eat healthy.”

With childcare centers like Little Tykes, taking the lead in making a healthy lifestyle a priority, healthier kids are right around the next cone!

Join us for CBS 11/TXA 21′s ‘Get Healthy Texas Day’ on January 22 at Fieldhouse USA in Frisco.

You’ll learn how to cook and eat healthy, plus get tips on how to get started on a fitness program. There will even be dance classes — like Zumba.

The best thing is it’s all free.

Texans with Character – Mrs. Martha says goodbye

Mrs. Martha retires after 20 years of loyal service as a member of the Little Tyke family. We appreciate her contribution. We depend every day on our dedicated staff at each location to make every child’s experience the best it can be. Thank you Mrs. Martha for making our lives brighter.

New Mobile Technology Helps Preschoolers in Northern Texas Get Ready for School

Creative Child Care, Inc., dba Little Tyke, is making advanced education technology from Hatch® Early Learning available to children in Northern Texas PreKindergarten classrooms as part of their new TykerSmart™ curriculum. iStartSmart® Mobile Tablets by Hatch teach 18 kindergarten readiness skills critical for early school success. These skills align with the early learning concepts and goals central in the outcomes-based TykerSmart™ learning experience.

iStartSmart Mobile Tablet – Tablet Technology that Teaches!

StartSmart Mobile by Hatch uses the latest mobile technology to deliver award-winning software that is research-based and ties to national standards.