Healthy Learning For Kids At North Richland Hills Childcare Center

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Kids exercising at Little Tyke Creative Child Care Center. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

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North Richland Hills (CBSDFW.COM) – Getting kids to exercise and eat right is a constant challenge. But one North Texas childcare center has teamed up with a fitness program for kids, to target pre-schoolers with a message they hope, becomes a lifestyle.

What does it mean to eat healthy? Eat broccoli!

At the Little Tyke Creative Child Care Center in North Richland Hills there is a firm focus on health and fitness. And it comes at an age when it can be hard to get boys and girls to focus.

“Hey guys, how are you doing today? You guys ready to have some fun?” asked one caregiver.

The center finds success through their Tykercise® Program, which is exercise for the little ‘tykes’.

Workers called in an instructor from Kaboom Fitness for Kids to help out. “We’re going to be teaching the kids about exercise, proper nutrition, getting the right amount of rest, and basically, having healthy bodies…and we’re going to have fun doing it!” explained Chris Baer.

Baer uses fun and games as a sneaky diversion to healthy eating, and exercise. “Hey guys, should we eat a lot of junk food?” he asked the children. “No!” they replied in unison. “Should we eat a lot of healthy food?” “Yeah!” they screamed.

During each visit, Kaboom Kids sets up various fitness courses; they range from the balance pods, to a long and winding balance beam. There’s even a relay race.

It’s all fun and games, but with a serious message.

“Statistics are telling us that one out of four kids is overweight, and actually 12-percent are obese,” explained weight watcher Tonya Moore.

The problem of childhood obesity is one reason the Kaboom Kids founder feels the earlier we can send a message of good health to kids, the better. “We need to start the change early, in the pre-school years, and catch ‘em early. And teach them how to exercise, and how to eat healthy.”

With childcare centers like Little Tykes, taking the lead in making a healthy lifestyle a priority, healthier kids are right around the next cone!

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