The Lutes Teachers of the Year Award

We are proud to announce our annual Teachers of the Year Award, which will be presented at the 4th qtr. workshop each year. This award honors our first Director, Mrs. Maudine Lutes. Mrs. Lutes was the Director of the Richland Hills Campus for 17 years. Mrs. Lutes always thought that quality preschool was the key to a child’s success in school, and that child’s later success in college, career, and life. This award recognizes the teachers who have truly put their hearts into creating that quality.

Teachers of the Year Rewards

Teacher of the Year, 2017

Teacher of the Year, 2015


Denise Heinrichsmeyer, Teacher of the Year 2015

Hi, my name is Denise Heinrichsmeyer and I currently employed at Little Tyke Richland Hills. My first year I was the 4 year old teacher then moved the following year to the pre-k class where I have been for the last 2 years.

My passion for children began right out of high school when I became a toddler teacher at a day care in Arlington. I guess you can say I had a natural ability. I did several TLCCA conferences as a presenter in the toddler area. It was a fun age trying to keep them busy. I worked at this facility for about 7 years and then moved on. I worked at other facilities until I eventually moved out of the area and started working at another facility as an infant room teacher. I did this for several years and moved up to pre-k teacher and went up to the director position. I opened the facility, cooked breakfast, did bus runs, showed potential parents around the center, added payroll, and a lot of other stuff. I quit working to come back closer to home.

I worked at several different child care centers for many years. My mom always wanted me to make more money doing other things, but I feel like God has a calling for all of us and this is mine. I know I won’t ever be a millionaire but I’m making a difference in a child’s life and this is a reward greater than no other.

I just recently got engaged to a wonderful man, so soon I will have a wedding to plan. I have a 24 year old daughter and a soon to be 14 year old step son. I love being a home body, doing crafty things, cooking, watching sports and being a teacher! I got this, bring it on!

Teacher of the Year, 2013

Sally-Anne Murphy, LTCCC Teachers of the Year 2014

Sally-Anne Murphy, LTCCC Teachers of the Year 2013

My name is Sally-Anne Murphy. I have had the honor and pleasure of working at Little Tyke since June 2005. I have been in the childcare/early childhood education industry for 28 years, and I have worked many positions and areas including owner and Director.

I also obtained an E.C.E while living in Canada, and continue to learn and be enriched by the children I work with. We all know working with children has it’s many rewards, and challenges, that’s why we wear so many different hats as early childhood educators!

There is nothing like the feeling of hearing a child as he/she walks out the door, reciting something that they learned in my classroom, out loud. This is so gratifying and rewarding! I know in my heart that a little part of me is being instilled into the child I teach. I believe working with children has been a big part of the Lords plan for me. I simply and truly am passionate in my work.