Founder and Family


Alex Little is the President and owner of Little Tyke Learning Centers. He is a 2nd generation owner with extended years in early care and education. Mr. Little has held numerous positions on the TLCCA state and Fort Worth Affiliate boards for the last 10-15 years. He believes his role with TLCCA is important. Through his action with TLCCA he has held a voice in keeping licensed childcare affordable for families. His wife, Brandy Little, holds two master’s degrees: one in early education and the other focuses on educational leadership. She has served in both the public and private education sector for over 25 years. She is a former elementary school teacher, middle school and high school administrator, and principal. She also had the opportunity to work as an executive with a highly renowned multisite childcare owner out of Austin, Texas. Alex and Brandy have a collected experience and passion for early education and a true love for children. Alex and Brandy are also the proud parents of Madison (age 25), Dylan (age 21), Taylor (age 11) and Connor (age 8), who are Little Tyke graduates and alumni. Together, the Littles, seek to continue the legacy started in 1972 by Alex’s father, Mr. Gene Little.

Alex and Brandy believe in family-style, servant-minded leadership, passionately believing that every teacher, administrator, and person of any role on their team, are members of the Little Tyke family. They are driven by consistent values such as integrity, investing in their employees, and a passion to be respected by the families they serve. As a company, Little Tyke strives to be considered the best privately-owned child-care corporation in the industry, believing they are more than just family-owned, but also locally operated. Alex and Brandy live and work in the communities that they serve and spend dedicated hours each week being present in the schools, forming meaningful, and impactful, relationships with the children, families, and teams at each location.
Today, the Littles own and operate eleven learning centers in Tarrant, Johnson, and Parker counties. They employ over 150 teachers and enjoy the benefits provided by seasoned, dedicated employees having over 15% served 10 years or more (with some exceeding 20-25 years) and another 15% celebrating 5-9 years within the Little Tyke family.
The Littles are also proud of their Texas Rising Star accreditation of several schools, signifying the quality of programs provided. There is no better testament than from parents, now even grandparents, that attended ‘Little Tyke’ in their youth who are now enrolling their children, and even their grandchildren to discover, explore and achieve in a creative learning environment.


Family Business = Family Values

“It’s been proven that a family-owned business will consistently outperform a non-family business” McPeak, Isabella “Family Business Statistics in the US.” Family Business Advisors (2011): 1-2.
“Family-owned businesses are more stable, have a longer time horizon and tend to have a high level of trust and commitment, both to employees and customers” Segal, Richard M. “Family Firms vs. Their Counterparts” Corp Magazine (2008): 1-4
More importantly, family businesses are finely woven into the fabric of America. For two generations Little Tyke has been delivering honest services to our valued clients. We are driven by consistent values such as integrity, and investing in our employees, alongside a passion to be respected by the families we serve. We continually strive to be considered the best privately owned childcare corporation in our industry.
Of course, Little Tyke is not just family-owned, it’s locally operated; meaning as owner/operators we live and work within the communities we serve, and we also have family members who do the same. The phrase “business is business” doesn’t apply here because business is also home. We are raising our families here, too. Because of this important fact, we believe that living amongst our families gives us an advantage of better understanding our client’s values, expectations, and needs.
Little Tyke is a legacy that will forever be cherished. Mr. Gene Little purchased the first Little Tyke 50 years ago, sprouting its roots in 1972. As the decades have passed, and family life has grown and changed, Little Tyke has adapted its approach to operations, modernized its buildings, and expanded its curriculum, but has never grown away from its core values. Alex and Brandy continue to raise their family alongside yours, just as Gene and Jean did at Little Tyke’s beginnings. As the years continue to pass, life will continue to change. But the Little’s commitment to your family will remain the same, just as it has for the last 50 years.

TLCCA introduced two new annual awards to be carried forth and annually presented at our fall conferences. The Mr. Gene Little Director Of The Year Award and The Mrs. Jean Little Teacher Of The Year Awards are in memory and honor of two people who have dedicated their lives to Texas licensed child care, to TLCCA and our history, and to serving children through ownership and operations of the Little Tyke Creative Child Care Inc. child care centers in the greater Fort Worth area since 1972. Annually, we will accept nominations for qualified Director Of The Year and Teacher Of The Year nominees. The nominees will be voted on by our state board and at the Fall conference Little Tyke Child Creative Child Care Inc. will present the awards on TLCCA’s behalf. Little Tyke Creative Child Care Inc. has also created an award endowment for each years recipient in honor of their late father, Mr. Gene Little, and his love of the licensed child care industry.
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