Family Owned and Locally Operated

Little Tyke Child Care Kids

Little Tyke President Alex Little, and wife Jennifer are proud to be a Little Tyke Family. Their Children, Taylor Avaleigh Little (age 6) and Connor Maurice Little (age 4) attend Little Tyke where they are learning social and emotional development skills for their next steps in life.

Alex Little CO/owns Little Tyke with brother and partner V.P. Keith Davis. Keith Davis and his wife Karen Davis have 2 daughters. Christy Blaylock is their oldest and she is currently the director at the Weatherford location.

Christy and her husband Ron have 3 children that also attend the facility in Weatherford. Cheyenne Davis is their youngest and she also has worked for Little Tyke in the past. She currently is attending Tarleton State University.

Family Business = Family Values

Little Family Photo 2016 “It’s been proven that a family-owned business will consistently outperform a non-family business” McPeak, Isabella “Family Business Statistics in the US.” Family Business Advisors (2011): 1-2.

“Family-owned businesses are more stable, have a longer time horizon and tend to have a high level of trust and commitment, both to employees and customers” Segal, Richard M. “Family Firms vs. Their Counterparts” Corp Magazine (2008): 1-4

More importantly, family businesses are finely woven into the fabric of America. For two generations Little Tyke has been delivering honest services to our valued clients. We are driven by consistent values such as integrity, investing in our employees and a passion to be respected by the families we serve. We continually strive to be considered the best privately owned child care corporation in our industry.

Of course, Little Tyke is not just family owned, it’s locally operated; meaning as owner/operators we live and work within the communities we serve and we also have family members who do the same. The phrase “business is business” doesn’t necessarily apply here. Business is also home. We are raising our families here too. Because of this important fact, we believe that living amongst our families gives us an advantage of better understanding our client’s values, expectations and needs.