Our Guarantee

At ‘Little Tyke’ Child Care Centers we believe that you, as parents, expect the very best care for your child.

We Guarantee Our Best!

We hope you will not find any reason to be unhappy at one of our centers.


  • Parents and children will be greeted cheerfully in the morning and in the evening.
  • When you pick up your child his/her face and hands will be clean. (Unless leaving center directly off of playground)
  • Your children will be spoken to in a way that is positive and reasonable for the situation.
  • Discipline guidelines will be fair, consistent and encourage children to make wise decisions.
  • The people who care for your children during the day will be enthusiastic and wear smiles.
  • Our program will provide children opportunities to learn.

We are so confident you will be pleased with the quality of care we provide, we will not only correct, to the best of our ability, any situation with which you are displeased, but cheerfully credit your bill for a full day’s tuition if you are still dissatisfied.

Alex Little and Keith Davis
and the Staff at Little Tyke