Early Preschool

Capture three-year-old’s natural curiosity as they become more independent learners. Early literacy, science/math and pre-writing skills are introduced through teacher and child directed activities. Each topic offers many ideas and suggestions for you to create meaningful and engaging investigations. Early Preschool:

  • Allows you to choose from over 125 learning experiences integrated across all learning domains.
  • Provides new language and social navigation skills.
  • Contains a wealth of support materials including posters, storybooks, family newsletters, and much more.

Our Trademarked, Comprehensive Curriculum “TykerSmart” surpasses the curriculum standards that are set forth by the Texas Education Agency (T.E.A.).

Early Preschool

Language Development

  • Answers simple questions about a story, rhyme, or song
  • Uses words to communicate wants and needs

Emergent Literacy

  • Plays with words that sound the same or different
  • Scribbles


  • Sorts items by shape
  • Begins to understand time sequence of daily routines

Learning About the World

  • Recognizes ways living things interact with the environment
  • Describes what is observed

Creative Expression

  • Talks about art creations
  • Uses play props in dramatic play

Social and Emotional Development

  • Identifies places at school that correspond to places at home
  • Participates in simple interactions with others

Approaches to Learning

  • Makes independent choices
  • Uses objects as tools

Physical Health and Development

  • Uses crayons, markers, and paintbrushes with increasing control
  • Begins to name body parts