Alumni Spotlight

Nikki Salkar

“Little Tyke definitely makes being a well-rounded student possible,” according to Little Tyke alumnus Nikki Salkar. Yes, preschool at Little Tyke taught Nikki her alphabet and how to color in the lines, but the Little Tyke culture and educational philosophy also inspired her dedication to academics and her passion to become a leader in the Birdville marching band. Nikki, started at Little Tyke in September of 1998, just about six weeks after she was born.. Nikki, has been in the band since 6th grade where she currently plays the clarinet. She spends most of her time practicing after school so she can better herself for school competitions and football games. Nikki expressed that growing up at Little Tyke has helped her become a strong leader and also, provided her with the social and emotional skills necessary for her continued success.

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Little Tyke has been providing quality early education to children of the North Texas region since 1972. We want to hear your stories. We want to know what made an impression. Perhaps you remember especially enjoying a certain activity or lesson. Maybe you met your first or best friend at Little Tyke. Maybe a certain teacher touched your heart or inspired you somehow. Maybe a funny incident stands out when you think back. No memory is too insignificant to share.

For those of you alumni that are grown up and out in the world, let us know what you are up to and where you live now. Please forward a picture of you with a short personal bio. Former staff members, we want your stories and memories too! Every one of you helped to shape what Little Tyke is today.
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