The Exchange Top 50

North America’s Largest For Profit Child Care Organizations

Each year, Childcare Exchange Magazine, one of the foremost child care program periodicals, publishes The Exchange Top 50, listing the largest for-profit child care organizations in North America. The Exchange Top 50 is the equivalent to the Fortune 500. The list of the top 50 for profit child care organizations is a benchmark eagerly awaited every year.

Over the years, Little Tyke has remained steady on the list, making the 45th spot for the 26th Annual Status Report on For-Profit Child Care. Little Tyke is proud to announce the celebration of 40 years of service in May of 2012.

“We are once again pleased to be on the list,” said Keith Davis, Vice- President of Creative Child Care, Inc. dba Little Tyke. “Little Tyke has displayed unwavering consistency over many years. We have persevered and weathered through this turbulent economy; but unfortunately, it’s not over yet. “

According to Childcare Exchange, for profit child care companies operating multiple centers in one or more metropolitan areas have grown by nearly 10% since 2009. “We are always looking for the perfect opportunity for growth”, said Vice-President Keith Davis. “However, we are taking advantage of this recession to improve what we already have in place. 10 out of our 12 centers have achieved State Accreditation status. We have been remodeling our current facilities, upgrading playgrounds, as well as, encouraging CDA’s for all staff etc.

“We are grateful to have been named along with so many other great organizations,” said Alex Little, President of Creative Child Care, Inc, dba Little Tyke. “We are focusing on quality and education, improving our properties, basically improving what we have currently in place, instead of concentrating on growth. Take care of your nickels and dimes and let the dollars take care of themselves, is what our father always preached to us”. In other words, we are advancing very conservatively as we enter the first quarter of 2013.

The Exchange has been tracking developments in the for-profit child care sector for 26 years. In their updates for this report, more than 60 for profit child care organizations surveyed expressed cautious optimism about the coming year. Nearly two-thirds of the organizations in all sectors expressed intentions of adding capacity anywhere from 2% to 10% in 2013.

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