Quality Assurance Department

Little Tyke Learning Centers Quailty Assurance RibbonAll Little Tyke Learning Centers are licensed by the state of Texas and abide by all regulations that are prescribed by The Department of Family and Protective Services.

These standards are in place for the intent of regulating childcare programs in the areas of safety, child/student ratios, continued staff education, the schools physical requirements, immunization and entrance requirements, etc.

Furthermore, all Little Tyke Learning Centers are evaluated frequently both internally and externally, as a part of our on-going and continued quest for consistency in the quality that is expected from our schools.

Our first school was accredited in 1986 and now we have eight centers that are now currently Texas Rising Star Accredited. We are proud of these accomplishments however, we felt the need to create standards that would exceed our current TRS accreditation standards.

Therefore, our quality assurance program with detailed criteria has been created and implemented to evaluate every school. Little Tyke Learning Centers are held to the highest standard… our own; and no school is left behind! Every Little Tyke Learning Center must meet and continually comply with elevated company standards, meet TEA curricula guidelines and TRS core competencies.

Quality Assurance Specialists:

Our Quality Assurance Specialists have worked and served in the child care industry for many years. Our Specialist have 56 years of combined experience in E.C.E. This expertise enables each Quality Assurance Specialist to deliver the type of support needed in order to provide excellence within our schools.

Our Specialist understand the value of having a quality program and we are excited to have them both on our TEAM!

Here are a few items that our inspections cover:

  • Education and Materials
  • Nutrition and food preparation
  • Classroom cleanliness
  • Appropriate room arrangement
  • The overall well-being of children and staff
  • State and local reports
  • Technical assistance to Little Tyke personnel
  • Follow-up on action plan recommendations