Little Tyke Learning Centers

Incorporated on May 10, 1972, ‘Little Tyke’ Creative Child Care, Inc. celebrates its 45th anniversary of providing quality child care and educational foundation to children in Fort Worth and across North Texas.

Starting with the first child care center in Richland Hills, today the locally owned and operated company is proud have their corporate offices housed at a new property in Richland Hills.

Little Tyke Learning Centers 45 Year Anniversary Team Celebration

Licensed to care for 1,350 children aged 6 weeks to 12 years, ‘Little Tyke’ operates twelve learning centers in Tarrant, Johnson and Parker counties.

The business was started by Mr. Gene Little and a partner, James T. Young with a philosophy of providing quality care that was affordable for working families.

When Mr. Young retired due to serious illness and sold his holdings to Mr. Little in 1985, Mr. Little was joined in the daily operations of the business by his wife, Suellen Jean Little.

The Little Tyke Learning Centers and staff focused on offering a nurturing and fun learning atmosphere, stimulating the child’s intellectual development as well as providing opportunities for emotional, social and physical growth. The Little’s worked tirelessly to keep the centers up with the times, the regulations and technology.

Perpetual improvements with attention to detail served the ‘Little Tyke’ business and growing youngsters well. There is no better testament than from parents, now even grandparents, that attended ‘Little Tyke’ in their youth enrolling their children, their grandchildren to discover, explore and achieve in a creative learning environment.

Little Tyke Learning Centers enjoys the benefits provided by seasoned, dedicated employees; over 15% having served 10 years or more (with some exceeding 20 and 25 years) and another 15% celebrating from 5 to 9 years serving kids within the ‘Little Tyke’ family. The company is also proud of their Texas Rising Star accreditations signifying the quality of programs provided.

After almost 10 years of exemplary “trial by fire” training, two of Mr. and Mrs. Little’s sons took over the reins of the family business as Mr. Gene and Mrs. Jean retired on September 30, 2007.

Mr. Alex Little and Mr. Keith Davis continue the traditions, integrity and commitment to excellence that has been so well-built into the cornerstones of the ‘Little Tyke’ foundation. It is the hopes and dreams for their own children and grandchildren, as well as for the children they serve, which lend strength and vision to the direction Mr. Alex and Mr. Keith employ leading the company into the future.

The families and communities of North Texas have been good to ‘Little Tyke’ and the corporation reciprocates by providing quality facilities, innovative curriculum and well-trained staff. The dedication continues to be reinforced with a written guarantee.

Over the years, providing an average of 150 local jobs, supporting local economies, other local businesses and vendors, providing peace of mind to parents and helping to make memories for thousands of children gives ‘Little Tyke’ plenty to celebrate.

“Providing Educational Child Care in Texas since 1972”

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