Mr. Gene Little Director Of The Year Award Recipient. Congratulations to Mrs. Christy Dougan from Little Tyke Richland Hills Campus.

Ms. Christy Dougan came to our company as a young girl with an Associate’s Degree in Child Development and was employed with Little Tyke as an Asst. Dir/Pre K teacher in the 1990’s for 5 years at our Little Tyke – Northeast location.

In 2003 her husband’s job and family situation required them to move back to her husband’s home town in Iowa, where again she continued to serve her community of retires and children as a dance and gymnastics instructor for the local YMCA.

In 2009 she returned to her home town of Hurst and the DFW area and her first call for employment was again Little Tyke – Northeast.

She was immediately rehired as the Asst. Director. She jumped right back into her job and responsibilities as the Asst. and we could tell she hadn’t missed a beat with regards to her love for the children, our company and our industry as a whole.

Our witness to her strong determination to support the Director she worked so close with strongly supported our decision to promote her to a Director’s position at Little Tyke – Richland Hills in 2009.

During her initial year as Director she spent a lot of time doing what new Directors do, second guessing herself, decisions and ability to manage people. We continued to train, support and consult her and in doing so, found that she was her harshest critic.

Ms. Christy has the biggest heart and as a Director managing people this positive attribute can be taken advantage of and seen as a weakness by those being managed. It took Ms. Christy roughly two years to work through her own fears and perfect her own personal management style with regards to long term staff and long term families.

I would describe her style as a Director who is always at her center, approachable, appreciative, and honorable, one who listens to the needs of her staff and the families we serve and does what is ever necessary to fulfill those needs from a customer service standpoint. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond to satisfy the children’s needs and expectations with making sure her staff are offering a learning/nurturing environment.

With managing our company’s oldest location comes the high standard and expectation of having to manage some of our oldest and tenured employees. Employees who had worked for the same Director, Ms. Linda Dawson, for 30 years. Ms. Christy made this transition very seamless and with the least amount of push back from employees we have ever witnessed with a change in Directorship. She did this by not being afraid to work closely alongside and do the hard work necessary to GAIN their respect instead of DEMANDING their respect. This is probably one of her best attributes and one that is required in order to be successful in any management position dealing with people.

We became so impressed with her management style that we make special efforts to send ALL of our managerial trainees to her center in order to work under and with her. Trainee’s evaluations of Ms. Christy’s training techniques have been nothing but positive praise for her ability to really spend the time necessary to make sure they learn ALL aspects of the Directorship position.

5 years later Ms. Christy has become a Director that our other eleven Directors go to with questions and for ideas regarding daily operations. She is respected and appreciated as someone who exhumes confidence. She has become through her own hard work ethics the IDEAL and RESPECTED LITTLE TYKE DIRECTOR and a person we as a company are proud to call a VALUED employee and VALUED person.

When she left in 2003 dad hugged her and told her she would be back and we would still be here for her return and she would always have a place with Little Tyke.

In 2009 upon her return dad was their again to hug her and welcome her back. 6 years later as Director and after 12 years of employment the “young girl” has become a VALUED successful WOMEN with the company that gave her, her first opportunity in child care! A Cinderella Story everyone loves to see happen and as an owner, I am proud to have been a witness too.

Keith Davis Vice-President & Alex Little President
Little Tyke Creative Child Care, Inc.